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Rotstock Klettersteig - Grindelwald

· 1 review · Via Ferrata · Bernese Oberland
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  • Am Rot Gipfel des Rotstock.
    / Am Rot Gipfel des Rotstock.
    Photo: © grindelwaldSPORTS AG, © grindelwaldSPORTS AG
Map / Rotstock Klettersteig - Grindelwald
2250 2400 2550 2700 2850 m km 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 Bahnhof Eigergletscher Rotstock (2663 m)

Der 260 Meter hohe Klettersteig auf den Rotstock ist eine Route für Klettersteiggeher und erfahrene, schwindelfreie Bergwanderer (mit dem nötigen Rüstzeug). Schlüsselstelle ist die senkrechte Stufe gleich nach dem Einstieg. Bei Schnee, starkem Regen oder Vereisung ist von einer Begehung dringend abzuraten. Steinschlag ist - wie überall am Eiger - nicht auszuschliessen (Quelle:
2.9 km
2:00 h
420 m
447 m
Zustieg: Von der Station Eigergletscher auf dem Eiger-Trail bis auf die Grasschulter Wart, dann auf Wegspuren hinauf zum Einstieg auf 2400 m hinter einem Felskopf, gleich links der Rotstockschlucht; 45 Min.

Klettersteig Eiger-Rotstock: Der Wegverlauf über den neu-alten Klettersteig ist klar; leichte Gehabschnitte sind nur mit Steinmännern markiert. Vom Rotstocksattel steigt man rasch in Stufen auf den flachen, ringsum senkrecht abfallenden Gipfel des Rotstocks (2663 m); 1 Std. 15 Min. vom Einstieg.

Rückweg: Zurück zum Sattel und südwestwärts über Geröll und Plattenstufen (Steinmänner und Fixseile) zur Station Eigergletscher hinunter; 45 Min.

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Berner Wanderwege
Updated: November 07, 2018

B easy
Highest point
2663 m
Lowest point
2237 m

Safety information

Gemäss Klettersteigskala: B (K2, mässig schwierig).


Wir empfehlen folgende Ausrüstung: Offizielle Klettersteig-Ausrüstung, Handschuhe, feste Bergschuhe, mittelgrosser Rucksack mit Hüftgurt, Sonnenschutz, Regenbekleidung, Taschenapotheke, Picknick, genügend Flüssigkeit, Mobiltelefon.


Station Eigergletscher (2319 m)
46.574822, 7.974555
32T 421423 5158428

Public transport

Public transport friendly

Jungfraubahn bis Station Eigergletscher - Von Interlaken Ost über Wengen oder Grindelwald und Kleine Scheidegg.


Grindelwald, Grund/Männlichenbahn

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Alex Feinberg
August 30, 2018 · Community
Greetings! This was my first via ferrata and I really enjoyed it, although as a long-time rock climber who embraces a clean climbing ethic, the idea of so much fixed gear took a little getting used to. This route has (at least) 4 versions on outdooractive: I am posting my comments on all four versions. They are fairly consistent and there are no major conflicts worth mentioning except one suggests starting the approach from the Kleine Scheidegg station, which doesn't make sense unless you're interested in a longer approach. The perferred start is the Eigergletscher station. The Eigergletscher station is currently a construction site, so the normal approach route has been slightly rerouted, but the start is very easy to find. The approach follows the Eiger Trail (not the Eiger Walk) until you reach a high point on the trail where you find a very obvious sign showing the classic Eigher North Face routes. Turn right at that point and follow a trail directly to the wall, just left of the obvious gully. I could just barely see the ladders from the turn. The route starts with a series of fixed ladders and then gets a bit more varied. There are a few places where you are untethered, but these places are quite safe, so no worries. There are no real physical challenges on the ascent. If you can climb ladders, you should have no problems. There is some exposure which, as an experienced rock climber, was never an issue for me, but if you have a paralyzing fear of heights, why in the world would you be reading this in the first place? The summit is spectacular. The descent is just walking down a gravel field back to the station. There were lots of fixed ropes to aid in the steeper parts, but most are not needed in fair weather. Since I was alone, I was moving swiftly. The approach took 40 minutes. The climb took 50 minutes. The descent took 45 minutes. I passed one party of 3 on the ascent and two more parties on the descent. I always inspect all fixed gear when I climb, and I did not observe any issues with the gear on this route. Overall it was a wonderful experience on a beautiful day in the Swiss Alps, and I look forward to my next via ferrata (a more challenging one).
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Done at August 28, 2018
Eiger Rotstock approach and start
Photo: Alex Feinberg, Community
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B easy
2.9 km
2:00 h
420 m
447 m


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